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Is your skin thirsty, tired, and confused?

I am declaring this my week of SKIN! Keep up with me all week on Instagram to see what products i’m posting about and come back here to read about them!

So many of us don’t know what we should be using on our skin. I’m here to tell you what I love and use on mine.

First off, ANY product you buy, wether it be for skin or hair, should be researched (at least a little bit). Sephora makes this super freaking easy. Download the app, search for a product, and you’ll find hundreds of reviews from people with different skin types. Reviews help me A LOT when I’m deciding on new products.

Another trick? Get samples! Sephora hands these out for free. Go in, ask for a sample of whatever new product you’re wanting to try and voila! Samples are a great way to test out how your skin will react to a new product. I typically give a product 3-7 days to become friends with my skin. If they aren’t bff’s by the end of the week, then byeeeeee.

So where to start? Keep up with me on Insta and look out for my next post this week!

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with love & gratitude,



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